Health & Safety Policy

Proof Engineers strives, through a process of continuous improvement, to fully integrate health, safety and environmental (HSE) consciousness in all aspects of its activities. This is achieved by:

  • Implementing and maintaining a framework that ensures the systematic management of HSE in its offices and at client sites where Proof Engineers operates; in compliance with legal and workplace requirements
  • Setting measurable objectives and targets aimed at controlling higher risk activities and increasing awareness of HSE

Proof Engineers’ principal goal is to improve HSE and eliminate workplace injuries and illnesses. Proof Engineers promotes a proactive HSE management philosophy based on effective communication and consultation, the systematic identification, assessment and control of hazards and the encouragement of innovation.

It is Proof Engineers’ sincere belief that through the application of an effective occupational HSE Management Plan (SMP), injuries, property and environmental damage resulting from incidents at work can be prevented.

At Proof Engineers, we see HSE management as a co-partner to quality and productivity. Given that Proof Engineers’ performance is the result of the contributions of all personnel, Proof Engineers actively encourages all team members to contribute, regardless of their position or length of service.

Within Proof Engineers, it is the responsibility of all personnel to acquire and follow safe work practices and to have a genuine concern for the health and safety of fellow workers coupled together with awareness for and care of the environment.