Proof Engineers specialise in dust auditing and remediation and as such, are on the forefront of dust management initiatives. Excessive dust generation creates a variety of health and safety hazards. The inhalation of fine dust particles is harmful to human health and to the environment. Decreased visibility due to high dust concentrations is also a major safety hazard and dramatically increases the probability of an accident occurring, possibly with severe repercussions. The proper management of dust levels on site is therefore imperative to all stakeholders.

The Dustective is an automated, mobile dust monitor developed by Proof Engineers, which has the capacity to accurately measure the relative dust emissions from all sources enabling the application of the most cost effective control measures. The Dustective can be used to measure Dust Control Efficiency (DCE), which provides sites with quantifiable data in order to demonstrate compliance with industry air quality regulations. Additionally, the system can be used to assess the effectiveness of dust suppression products by comparing dust emissions over time after watering for treated and untreated areas.

The device is fully portable and can be transferred to any dust emitting location. The versatility of the Dustective allows clients to monitor fugitive dust emissions from sources such as Haul Trucks, Rail Wagons, Stockpiles and many more.

The system provides full site mapping, showing dust emissions in a simple colour scale format. The different colours indicate differing levels of severity allowing maintenance locations to be brought to attention for site action and therefore optimising water cart allocation for best practice. The entire system is non-invasive and can be rolled out on site with minimal effort.