Revolutionising Road Maintenance with the Grader Performance Monitoring System

Proof Engineers is a company at the forefront of developing advanced technology for the mining industry. Their innovative solutions are helping to revolutionise the way road maintenance is conducted, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

One of their recently developed products is the Grader Performance Monitoring (GPM) system, which provides real-time monitoring of road maintenance activities. The GPM system displays critical data, including blade-down locations and key performance metrics, enabling efficient road maintenance. This advanced asset management system can be used as a standalone system or as an add-on to Proof Engineers' Road Condition Monitoring (RCM) technology, providing a comprehensive solution for road maintenance.

The GPM system is designed to help companies optimise their maintenance practices and improve overall road conditions. It provides real-time information on grader performance, allowing management to make data-driven decisions that result in cost savings and improved efficiency. The system is easily installed on the turntable above the blade, and data is uploaded in real-time through 4G LTE. The algorithms automatically calibrate to determine blade up/down, and data is displayed on a secure online platform. The system provides automated and ad hoc reporting, and periodic reporting is available.

On the management platform, grader works (blade-down) are displayed, and green pixels show where the grader has worked, with the shade of green depicting the grading intensity. Red pixels show where the grader has travelled with its blade up. The GPM system calculates and displays key performance metrics, including productivity (time spent blade-down over total time) and efficiency (time spent blade-down over poor road sections). This efficiency metric is a vital parameter of the GPM system as it details whether the road maintenance team is working in the most valuable areas.

The GPM system integrates the road condition data gathered by Proof Engineers' RCM system to calculate the grader's efficiency. When the grader has had its blade down over poor road conditions, this is considered efficient grading. The GPM system provides a comprehensive solution for road maintenance, enabling operators to identify areas of the road network that require attention and prioritise maintenance activities based on actual conditions.

Proof Engineers' cutting-edge technology provides cost-effective results that enable operators to optimise their operations and improve their overall performance. By using the GPM system, mine site operators can make data-driven decisions that result in cost savings and improved efficiency, ultimately leading to a better road network.