Australian company Proof Engineers won the Dust Control category at the recent Australian Bulk Handling Awards for its Mobile Dust Monitor. Mounted on a light vehicle, the device calculates dust levels around haul roads and quickly recommends remedial actions.

 Proof Engineers general manager Fiorella Ignacio told ABHR the company identified the need to accurately measure dust control efficiently on the mine sites without the common interference of human subjectivity, and thus designed its mobile dust monitoring system. 

Launched to the market last year, the dust monitor quickly calculates dust levels, generates quantitative data regarding optimum watering times, and highlights areas onsite that require immediate attention.

Proof has designed the dust monitor to be easily fitted to any mine site light vehicle, to continually record data during the mine’s regular operational routine.

 With most mine sites required to consistently achieve an industry level of minimum 80% dust control efficiency, Proof says its system provides an automatic and cost effective solution to accurately monitor dust levels, and allow users to demonstrate compliance on a regular basis.

 Ignacio said that when in use, the dust passes through the monitor and as a result of 3G web and GPS integration, quantitative data regarding current level are accessed via Internet databases.

 “Using this data, a graphic representation of the dust levels is attained and dust control strategies can then be implemented where necessary”, Ignacio said.