Haul Road Optimisation Alliance up and running

Proof Engineers, RoadSafety Training Services, Australian Diversified Engineering and Reynolds Soil Technologies have joined forces to form the Haul Road Optimisation Alliance (HROA).

HROA aims to provide complete haul road managment including site assessment, design, construction, road surface friction assessment and profiling.

In ensuring total haul road operational optimisation, the alliance will also provide management around automated water truck spray systems, remotely monitored water assets, dust suppression and road stabilisation, real time haul road dust and condition monitoring as well as specialised training.

Proof Engineers general manager Fiorella Ignacio said the alliance was formed in response to a demand for new ways to optimise mining operations and haul roads.

"We are collaborating to help miners to meet the requirements for environmental compliance while ensuring their haul roads are as safe and productive as possible," Ignacio said.

"We have removed barriers so we can work together, which means products and processes that used to be thought of as separate issues can now be developed simultaneously as a comprehensive haul road management program to get better results than if each company was working independently.

"We also provide training and put in place monitoring and data collection systems to ensure that operational optimisation is ongoing."