Maintain haul roads with better dust control in Australia

The haul road is the lifeblood of the site based business, and it provides the site with everything it needs, from basic tools to million-dollar machines. It also can be a major source of dust loss from the site; something which is bound to give company manages a migraine, and may result in the company being in disgrace with social and economic leaders, due to strict dust control laws in Australia. In order to make sure that the haul road on your site doesn't result in fines or a bad reputation, your company needs to take steps to monitor the soil which is being lost through the road, and ensure that there is only limited soil loss within the business.

Creating a haul road for dust control

The best way to start your management of dust within the haul road location is to carefully design that road to withstand as much dust creation as possible. Having a well-designed haul road can cut the work of monitoring and maintaining the road in half, and may be a great way to save money in the long term. Working with expert teams, businesses can take steps to pick the right location for the haul road, and then practice stabilisation methods that are intended to reduce the amount of dust lost on the road. The advice of specialist dust control companies can be extremely useful in the development stage of the road, and some businesses work with these specialist management companies each time they start a new construction or mining site.

Monitoring and maintaining the road

Once the road has been constructed, then the long-term practice of monitoring dust levels within the road, and practising good maintenance, can help to significantly reduce soil erosion from the haul road. Specialist companies can use monitoring equipment to work out exactly where the road is shedding the most dust, directing your maintenance crews to work on that section until the soil loss is under control. By making use of specialist dust control methods, companies in Australia can better manage dust loss from these roads, and can also avoid expensive costs relating to having to maintain the entire road at the same time. Working with specialist teams is the best way to cut back on high maintenance costs, while still ensuring that the road is in a suitable condition for driving and for dust control.