Australian Bulk Handling Awards - The Winners 2014

The finalists for the Dust Control Technology, Application or Practice Award were Camfil Australia, Patrick Ports and Stevedoring and RAM Spreaders and Proof Engineers.

Dust is a major problem on mine sites, and much of it comes from the impact of vehicle tyres on unsurfaced haul roads. Trucks spray water on haul roads to deal with this, but it's a tricky job. Too much water damages the road surface, but too little water means a lot of dust.

Proof Engineers' Proof Mobile Dust Monitor was recognised by the judges for its clever method of tackling this problem. The monitor is a box that can ride of any light vehicle. It uses light-scattering technology on tiny dust particles and then transmits data via 3G to Proof's servers for analysis.

Through this analysis, mine operators can view results displayed on colour-coded graphs, which recommend action at various parts of the mine, whether it be extra watering, road maintenance, or other measures.