LEADING edge award-winning Queensland based engineering company Proof Engineers has joined three other industry leaders to become a founding member of the Haul Road Optimisation Alliance (HROA).

Proof Engineers is an Australian company with projects globally, excelling in systems that improve production, specifically through haul road design, construction, maintenance programs, dust remediation and auditing systems.

The team at Proof Engineers features a broad range of skill sets, from practical hands-on site personnel to research and design engineers, with decades of group experience in the civil and mining industries as owners, contractors and consultants.

Proof Engineers specialise in maintenance machinery management, functionality design and construction with stabilisation additive, focusing on providing quality manufacturing and methods to lower cost.

Joining forces with other industry leaders in the Haul Road Optimisation Alliance, Proof Engineers will help to deliver roads with the highest quality and safety standards to create productivity gains, improved operating conditions, reduced operational costs and readily achievable environmental compliance.

The four companies forming the Haul Road Optimisation Alliance provide complete haul road management including site assessment, design, construction, road surface friction assessment and profiling, automated water truck spray systems, remotely monitored water assets, dust suppression and road stabilisation, real time haul road dust and condition monitoring, and specialised training.

Other founding members of the HROA are RoadSafety Training Services (RTS), Australian Diversified Engineering (ADE) and Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST), together ensuring total haul road operational optimisation with each having their own expertise as follows:

  • Proof Engineers specialise in material selection and stabilisation techniques to deliver cost effective yet high performing road structures. The Proof Engineers haul road monitoring equipment ensures the ongoing functionality of the road structure, environmental compliance and asset protection.
  • RoadSafety Training Services (RTS) provides haul road surface friction assessment and profiling, road safety consulting services, accident investigation and consultation, and training services. RTS developed the haul road surface friction protocol designed for Mine Haul Road Networks and endorsed by the Queensland Mines Inspectorate.
  • Australian Diversified Engineering (ADE) delivers a measurable water delivery system - critical for managing haul road safety and efficient dust suppression - through the EcoSpray Premium Water Truck Spray System, Fleet Management System for remote water asset monitoring, and hard engineering controls for geo-fence automation.
  • RST tailors solutions to site requirements, developing and applying cutting-edge products using clever chemistry, with tested and proven results. RST provides dust suppressants and road stabilisers, change management strategies, equipment modifications, training, monitoring and reporting.

Proof Engineers' General Manager Fiorella Ignacio said the Haul Road Optimisation Alliance was formed in response to a demand for new ways to optimise mining operations and haul roads.

"We are collaborating to help miners to meet the requirements for environmental compliance while ensuring their haul roads are as safe and productive as possible," Mrs Ignacio said.

"We have removed barriers so we can work together, which means products and processes that used to be thought of as seperate issues can now be developed simultaneously as a comprehensive haul road management program to get better results than if each company was working independently," she said.

"We also provide training and put in place monitoring and data collection systems to ensure that operational optimisation is ongoing."

Experts in haul road performance and optimisation, Proof Engineers are a Queensland based company who specialise in road stabilisation and performance monitoring on a global scale, implementing programs and solutions to ensure reduced maintenance while increasing the longevity and safety of all haul road formations.

For more information, please contact Proof Engineers on (07) 5522 0855.