Australian companies spend millions of dollars each year trying to manage and control dust production on their work site. Controlling dust production on site, particularly in areas such as haul roads, can be done more effectively when modern monitoring equipment is used. These modern devices are designed to allow you to watch over your roads and decide whether you need to instruct dust management services to focus upon one particular stretch. If you want to know more about your site, your site could benefit from a mobile dust monitor.

Monitoring haul roads

Haul road performance is a key factor in profit and productivity on your site. These roads are one of the major influences on operations and a badly managed haul road can cause down time, which leads to a loss of ROI. Increased resistance in rolling production, dust generation and the slowing of traffic to and from the site can all point towards an increasingly unsafe working environment. Taking the time to monitor haul roads is now a standard procedure in most working sites and is the most effective way to reduce dust production and lost time.

Using a mobile monitor

Most traditional work sites use a standard monitoring system to inspect specific areas of each haul road. Based upon these conclusions, the company will then provide maintenance for the entirety of that road. However, in order to get the most benefit from any road maintenance program, using a monitor that can pinpoint problem areas is a more effective solution. Mobile technology has several advantages, including:

  • In-built system measures vibrations caused by deterioration of roads
  • Can be installed on trucks and light vehicles
  • Can be fitted to water carts to monitor roads as they are being maintained
  • On-board diagnostics provides sampling of road conditions reported every second
  • User friendly mapping with 'road score' colour feature

Does your site need mobile monitoring?

When your road is being used to transport material to and from your site, how long can you wait for monitoring data to arrive? Traditional monitoring methods can take too long and may result in road deterioration and profit loss before the results are in. Rather than trying to keep your roads maintained using water carts all-year-round, you could save money with accurate mobile monitoring and dust management services so you can maximise the efficiency of your road maintenance and still keep your haul road profitable.