A big challenge in today’s mining industry is how to stay on top of the dusty road conditions on the haulage access roads to mine and industrial sites. Requirements involve making sure that dust suppression systems are staying on top of road conditions, which can ultimately have a big impact on profit, allowing you to operate safe, effective and efficient truck haulage operations.

Roads that are not maintained correctly can have an impact on costs from additional fuel burns, so an effective Dust Monitoring System is an essential piece of equipment. Roads not maintained can also cause increased mechanical wear, but a major concern would be unsafe road surface conditions on the heavily used access roads to and from these sites. 

What systems are available?

Staying on top of road conditions means you will need to employ a system to monitor the roads surface and alert you to any areas requiring attention.

Proof Engineers have a newly developed Road Condition Monitor giving you real time assessment of road and pit conditions. With this information you can then act quickly addressing any areas that may need attention and also schedule in maintenance procedures at the optimum time to reduce any disruption on the roads.

Also available from Proof Engineers is a mobile dust monitor in the form of a Dustective. Reliable and accurate the Dustective will measure the efficiency of your dust control. It will produce data needed for compliance with air quality regulations, it can also be used to measure the effectiveness of any dust suppression products.

Why use a dust monitoring system?

Reducing operational costs would be a big advantage in the running of a successful mine, along with increased production and driver comfort the systems offered by Proof Engineers can quickly and effectively monitor and assist with prioritising action in the areas needed. Systems are easy to understand and accessed via a secure web platform. Results are shown with colour key indicators so training is minimal and the data results can be understood and acted upon easily. Robust in nature and easy to fit these systems are designed to cope with the harsh conditions and rough terrain associated with mines.

Here at Proof Engineers we are professionals in road haulage design, our team specialises in the construction of roads, and can supply cost effective maintenance programs with dust suppression and audit systems to allow you to be compliant with current regulations. Based in Australia but operating globally, we can be contacted on +617 5522 0855 to discuss in further detail your Dust Monitoring System requirements or you can visit www.proofengineers.com.au