The importance of designing a quality haul road can mean lower maintenance costs in the future for the upkeep of your site road, but can also maximise production during the lifetime of the road.

There are a lot of aspects to consider on the design of your haulage road, some of which include the investigation of the environment, construction layout, contingence and longevity. The building and construction of your road also needs to take into account future planning and development.

First steps

The initial process is to have a full assessment of the area, looking at the environmental conditions, equipment and machinery needed, and sourcing the best materials for the project. The choice of the products used can be paramount to a cost effective build and long term maintenance program. If there is an existing surface onsite this will be evaluated and undergo procedures to check for the suitability of retaining it for your new road design and build. During this process the availability of local skills and workforce will be researched. This is important not only in the initial build stages but also for the ongoing maintenance of the program.

Second step

This will encompass the design process. We at Proof Engineers will use their up to date design technology to generate a road haul construction, maximising engineering elements to minimise maintenance and construction costs. We will also look at the other key elements such as drainage, stabilisation products, and the durability in the haul road design.

Third step

This is an important stage where construction commences. This stage will not only see the construction of the project but also incorporate a specific programme to train the workforce required for a successful road haul construction and maintenance team going forward.

Fourth and final step

Maintenance is the final part of the process, a necessary stage and one which will assist in delivering an ongoing tool for success.

Maintaining and keeping your roads in good condition so they are always running at a high standard, complying with all the current regulations, working in an efficient and effective way are all key to the longevity of the foundation of your road.

Ensuring your road is correctly designed can mean benefits of low maintenance costs, as opposed to a road that has not been engineered and designed to take this into account.

Proof Engineers are a global company based in Australia, they offer solutions to monitor and evaluate dust conditions. Currently they can provide services including Mobile Dust Monitoring, Road Condition Monitoring and a Haul Road Development Program. They are specialist in the haul road design, construction and maintenance programs in the mining and civil industries sector. You can contact us by phone on +617 5522 0855 or you can visit our website on for further details and information.