Designing a whole road to make the best of existing ground services and available material requires the assistance of professionals. These professionals will create the best unpaved road design that aims to reduce dust production, and generate less environmental damage while also providing a stable surface for heavy vehicles. There are several stages to developing a suitable haul road design with professionals.

Full site evaluation

One of the first steps that the experts will take is to evaluate the site, and determine what materials and conditions will be influential on the road. For example, flood zones will usually be excluded as potential haul road sites, and most professionals will also limit the amount of roads that are built on slopes or uncertain ground. The experts will also take the time to consider what materials will be best for use on the site.

Material selection

Some characteristics of the materials that are taken into account when making the selection for the development of the roads are:

  • functionality
  • durability
  • road dust reduction capability

The site is also evaluated to establish whether the site can handle the construction of specific types of haul road and whether it has the necessary resources, which include:

  • raw materials
  • suitable equipment
  • local skill sets
  • training possibilities
  • potential to maintain the road in the future.

Designing the road

The resulting design of the haul road will ensure that companies are able to manage their road successfully. This will involve developing a road with strength and functionality, and sufficient drainage to ensure that the road remains stable and intact. The construction of the road will be carefully tailored to the existing site, so that the road is able to handle heavy goods for longer.

After the design

With a high quality unpaved road design, the key will always be to keep that road well maintained and managed. This will help to ensure that the road is stable for longer, and will also prevent excessive dust from being driven into the air. Roads need to be regularly maintained, reducing damage and suppressing road dust. There are a variety of tools that companies may use in order to keep their haul roads in good condition, prevent damage and stop the road from deteriorating. Good maintenance and management of your roads will prevent problems in the long term, and can also be the best way to reduce dust production from haul roads, stopping soil erosion and damage to the environment.