Proof Engineers' Road Condition Monitor Captures Real-Time Data to Give Mine Companies a Clear Picture of Road Conditions

A growing number of mining companies are implementing state-of-the-art technology to gain an edge on haul road quality control and take the guess work out of road maintenance.

An on-board road monitoring system that records and translates road condition data, without the need for an expensive and comprehensive communications backbone at the mine site, has been developed by road haul specialists Proof Engineers.

The Road Condition Monitor (RCM) is an innovative system that collects in-detail data on road conditions and analyses the information to stream it back to the mine site in real time.

The RCM’s advanced sensors map out the road quality, which is displayed in colour code, from green signifying good quality sections of the road, to red highlighting areas that need urgent maintenance.

Mine site operators using Proof Engineers’ RCM are given a clear picture of road conditions, with the information used to prioritise maintenance works, improve operational efficiency and lower the cost per tonne hauled.

A recent study has shown that road maintenance scheduled as a result of data collected by Proof Engineers’ RCM, resulted in 9.8 per cent improvement in haulage speeds.

Proof Engineers’ engineering and technologies manager Jordan Handel said an increasing number of mining companies were seeking out new technologies to simplify processes and increase productivity while reducing maintenance costs.

“With growing pressure on mines to save costs and improve performance, operators are looking at the efficiency of truck haulage, which accounts for a significant proportion of the total operating costs of a mine,” Mr Handel said.

“The RCM is a compact device that can be quickly installed onto haul trucks, water carts and light vehicles for effective and ongoing measurement and monitoring of haul road performance with accurate up-to-the-second data reporting.”

Experts in haul road performance and optimisations, Proof Engineers is a Queensland-based company delivering haul road engineering and performance monitoring on a global scale.

The Proof Engineers’ team has a broad range of skill sets from practical, hands-on site personnel to research and design engineers, with experience in the civil and mining industries as owners, contractors and consultants.

Proof Engineers specialises in maintenance machinery management, functionality design and construction with stabilisation additives, focusing on providing quality manufacturing and methods to lower costs.

For more information, please contact Proof Engineers on (07) 5522 0855.