Road Condition Monitoring

What is the Road Condition Monitor?

The Road Condition Monitor (RCM) is a real-time maintenance management system used by mine sites to monitor road conditions, prioritise maintenance works, improve operational efficiencies and lower the cost per tonne hauled.

The road condition monitoring system provides full site mapping, showing the quality of road sections in a simple colour scale format. The distinctive colours, green, yellow, orange and red indicate different levels of severity allowing maintenance locations to be brought to attention for site action; therefore, optimising maintenance allocation. The entire system is non-invasive and can be rolled out on site with minimal effort.

Haul Road_LR

Why use it?

The RCM is a innovative cost-effective solution for all mine sites. Poorly maintained roads have a wide range of effects that include; decreased production, increased fuel burn, increased mechanical wear, unsafe operating conditions, driver discomfort and higher rolling resistances. By implementing the RCM system, site can expect to obtain:

  • A non-subjective method for maintenance allocation
  • Improve cycle times
  • Improve tyre life
  • Reduce operating costs & fuel consumption
  • Improve operational safety
  • Improve wet weather recovery
  • Lower cost per tonne hauled

How does the system work?

The 12/24V powered RCM units are compact enough to be quickly installed onto haul trucks, water carts and light vehicles. Numerous vehicles are installed with the RCM to ensure adequate live coverage of all roads at any given time. The RCM units are self-calibrating and do not need complicated or detailed site setup. Our units will start recording and uploading road quality data instantly using our proprietary algorithms to determine rough and smooth road sections. The data is wirelessly uploaded in real-time to the online management platform where our clients can prioritise maintenance resources and benefit from immediate action on poor road sections.

Road Condition Monitor Online Platform

Once the system is operational, the Online Management Platform can be easily accessed via the web using a password protected login system. The system was designed with ease of use and flexibility in mind. With minimal training the platform can easily be customised to meet sites’ needs. Features of the platform include;

  • Secure client login
  • Customise display parameters
    • Select the timeframe of data (live or historic)
    • Isolate data from specific roads and/or vehicles
    • Change the colour scale and weighting to your site's standards
    • Change the grid size of each data point
  • Vehicle speed & travelled distance
  • Road Score to track progress

Please contact Proof Engineers for this innovative approach to haul road maintenance.