Grader Performance Monitoring (GPM)

What is the GPM System?

The Grader Performance Monitoring (GPM) system is your gateway to optimising grader fleet management. GPM is a real-time asset management solution designed to monitor grader activities, showcasing blade-down locations, and crucial performance metrics. It seamlessly integrates as an add-on or operates independently alongside Proof Engineers' Road Condition Monitoring technology, ensuring flexibility and efficiency. 


GPM offers hassle-free installation above the grader blade's "turntable" and is fully protected against water, heat, and debris. Real-time data is uploaded via 4G LTE network, while our proprietary algorithms automatically calibrate to determine blade status. Data is securely displayed on our online platform, complete with automated and ad hoc reporting for your convenience.

Online Management Platform
Online Management Platform

Data Visualisation

Witness your grader's work come to life on our management platform. Green pixels represent areas where the grader has worked, with shades of green reflecting grading intensity. Red pixels indicate where the grader traveled with its blade up. The online platform is fully customisable, allowing clients to determine their own colour schemes and filter the data to display any time-frame, vehicle or specific road.

Key Performance Metrics

The GPM system calculates and displays key performance metrics.

  • Productivity (time spent blade down over total time)
  •  Efficiency (time spent blade down over poor road sections)

Key Performance Metrics

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