Successful road condition monitoring systems can assist mining and civil companies manage the condition of their haul roads. There are different methods to improve the condition of haul roads. These methods can be more effective by targeting specific areas of road networks. Technology advancements now include haul road condition monitoring in real-time. By integrating a road condition monitoring system with a fleet, it can improve operational efficiency as well as provide major time and cost saving benefits.

Operating Factors

Roads can present a potentially dangerous workforce for a workforce, therefore haul road condition monitoring is important for safety. There are dangerous machines and vehicles used in the mining and civil industries and they must move on stable roadways.

At above ground mining operations especially, airborne particulates are everywhere. These airborne particulates have negative effects on people, machines and vehicles.

Consistent monitoring of road surfaces aids with minimising operational risks, employee workplace injuries, and machine and vehicle repair expenses.

Damaging Effects

In terms of machinery and vehicles, dust and road condition monitoring can help avoid a range of damaging effects. These include the performance, the lifespan of their components and frameworks. These physical considerations impact on the availability, utilisation and eventually the productivity of the machinery and vehicles.

Owning or renting plant machines and vehicles can be very expensive. With sensitive road condition monitoring equipment, problems areas are targeted immediately. This will aid in avoiding or repairing certain areas, depending on machine and vehicle usage.

With correct dust and road condition monitoring, the operator can assess options for carrying out grading work. It may be that the operator can address the problem temporarily by adjusting haul road profiles.

Accurate road condition monitoring also helps control traffic speed to its maximum safe level. By operating at peak efficiency, it maximises the usage of the machinery and vehicles without further damaging haul road surfaces whilst ensuring safety for the workforce.

Great Benefits

Road condition monitoring improves workplace safety, productivity and the efficiency of machinery and vehicles. For more information about road condition monitoring services and products, call Proof Engineers on +61 7 5522 0855.