We believe we have developed the best device for mining and civil operators to monitor haul roads. Dust problems can be kept to a minimum, but have to be managed at all times. Our Road Condition Monitor (RCM) is helping Australian businesses improve haul roads, save time and reduce costs. If you need a device to help keep on top of your dust problem, check out our RCM.

Updated Device

Since we introduced the RCM in 2014, it has proved so popular we upgraded the device in 2017. It works with road haul vehicles' onboard diagnostics systems to give constant updates on the amount of all road damage, metre by metre. It has a triaxial sensor system which measures vibration caused by uneven road surfaces.

The RCM works with all vehicles on site, as long as they have an on-board diagnostics system. This applies equally to ancillary vehicles like water carts and haul trucks. The sensor is so accurate it can detect changes in vibration no matter the size of the vehicle.

The results of the RCM monitoring are displayed in a Road Score Display, which updates every second. This is visible on the hand-held device, and is also transmitted to site managers live via 3G and 4G networks. This real-time monitoring can help you improve haul roads before they develop real problems, including lost time, decreased production and revenue.

Visual Display

As the RCM updates the condition of each road, the results are displayed on a map of the entire site. As well as keeping on top of damage hot spots, it will show the overall pattern of wear and tear on roads. This information will assist the operator with the decision to close sections of the road temporarily or use different vehicles.

Its possible to customise the level of data to give it more or less importance. The operator may want to focus on the impact of a particular vehicle. The RCM allows this. Or the operator may want to see the overall vehicle damage to certain parts of the site. The RCM will collate this data.

By keeping tabs on the condition of haul roads, it improves site safety and reduces the cost of material hauled per tonne. Our RCM shows the condition of roads, helping reduce tyre wear and fuel consumption, and saves time by streamlining the road condition monitoring process. Giving management more control and time to monitor other operational matters on site becoming more efficient and profitable.